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Don't make the sky too blue.

Famous words from Doug McClelland's Grammar School Art teacher (Mr Roper) that have now been passed to his son Drew McClelland. Born in Devon, Doug studied for 3 years at Newton Abbot Art School and a 4th year at Twickenham where he obtained his L.S.I.A. from the Royal Society of Industrial Artists and Designers.

With experience gained in London he returned to Devon and set up his own graphic design company which has now been successfully trading for 30 years.
Using the studio Macintosh Computers he taught his son Drew (now at University studying illustration) how to use bright colours and output them as fun prints for the wall, with skies and seas the perfect subject matter. Lee his youngest son has also taken to being creative.

These fun prints soon became in great demand with family and friends and led to the large colour canvas images now decorating many a wall.
Doug now has a best selling range of limited edition Motion and Vitality abstracts on canvas to compliment his sunsets. His work is very graphical and his design background used to full potential.

To cope with growing demand (many editions have now sold out), Doug moved into an industrial unit where he gallery wraps the canvas onto his own purpose built frames.

Totally dedicated to providing a top quality product with maximum impact.

Doug McClelland likes to think of his images as 'bold, bright and very vibrant' with the occasional too blue sky.

Doug McClelland
Doug McClelland in his unit.

Doug McClelland in his unit.

We shall shortly be publishing an open edition Retro series as print and canvas images. Along with prints from a series of Doug's Original Paintings.