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Brian Ainsworth started work in London as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator working for ad agencies and design studios, before moving to Devon to start his own graphic design business. He was inspired to take up drawing in 2006 with a pencil portrait of his springer spaniel Bessie.

Having worked in many different media over the years, including oils and acrylic, his enjoyment with working with pencils is apparent. As he says, "I try to get as much detail into my images as I possibly can. I like to make them look as realistic as possible". Attracted by the 'strong images' of animals in the wild, he turned his hand to gorillas and tigers, polar bears and elephants - all lovingly captured, down to the glint in the eye.

Brian Ainsworth is currently working on a series of endangered species all available as paper prints or on canvas.

Brian Ainsworth Gorilla.
Brian Ainsworth drawing.